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 Top 10 sites

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PostSubject: Top 10 sites   Top 10 sites I_icon_minitimeWed 12 Aug - 17:33

Here you can post your favorite/most visited from you sites. They can be more of ten ofcourse. A little explanation of each one could be helpfull Smile

Here we go:

1. www.pcmaster.gr/forum greek computer-geeky comunity

2. www.play.com an online store with free shipping ! You can find lot of consoles/computers/notebooks/CD/DVD/Games on great prizes. And the most important thing is how in the prizes the 19-20% thing doesnt exist Very Happy i dont remember how is called. Sozz.Big percent of my videogames collection (90-100 rabbit ) are from there

3. www.ebay.com Also online store with great number of products. You can find whatever game you want. Personaly i was looking to buy in whole greece about Fallout1/2/Tactics and couldnt find it untill i went in this site and with one click in the search engine went to my hands (or DVD rom Razz ) Im buying from there also ''old'' original CD's (not of 80's , just arent ''this month's'') on the prize of 1$ !

4. www.thomann.de a nice online music store with free shipping when you are shopping products of the prize of 200 euros +. Personaly i bought my new electronic guitar which normaly costs 890$ on the prize of 400$ tongue

5. www.guitartab.com huge collection of guitar/piano tabs(=notes) You wanna play some punk song ^^ ? Go there, find it and rock pal Very Happy

6. www.livemocha.com Did you never want to learn some language but unfortunately didnt have time or money? Well this is what you needed! Livemocha is site from who you can learn from english to chinese Smile
Im learning spanish at moment and im on my second month.

7. www.myspace.com famous social networking site.You can find lot of stuff there about people or things you like. I basicly use it to listen to new bands and to keep my self up-to-date on things who im interested.

8. www.modlife.com social network site by dady Tom DeLonge Wink

9. www.answers.yahoo.com Question about Whatever you want. Basicly you will take always a serious usefull answer on time dt Exclamation Wink

10. www.adventuresadvocat.gr the best greek site about adventure games with reviews,news,interviews etc. It keeps me up-to-date with my favorite hobby tongue
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PostSubject: Re: Top 10 sites   Top 10 sites I_icon_minitimeThu 13 Aug - 0:04

ty very much for sites,i will post my best 10 too,this topic is usefull
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Top 10 sites
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